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LUCKY DIP MIXED PACKS available in all languages as a 10pk or 30pk - Badges Code: BD99, Keychains Code: KC99, Magnets Code: MG99 - See our 2018 Big Cat for details! more

Deskmat Update

Our DESKMAT SETS (DM1 and DM2) now come with complementary dice & counters! 15pk comes with 15 Dice & 30 Counters and 30pk comes with 30 dice and 60 Counters! more

New Interactives

2018 BRAND NEW INTERACTIVE TITLES added to our growing Interactive Product Range include: IC111 Numbers, IC138 Vegetables and IC139 Fruit. These Interactive sets (in your target language) include a bi more

Our 2017 Catalogue is OUT NOW!

Check out our Interactive Products. Interactive Weather chart, Interactive Clock, Interactive Body Parts Chart, and just released Interactive Animals and Transport Charts. All Interactive products c more

Noongar > Mix And Match Cards

Fantastic Laminated LOTE Card Sets! Each set is one theme and has a mix of cards - half the set are images only and half are text only (in your language of choice). The cards are durably laminated, each measuring 96 x 60mm. LOTE Mix and Match card sets are perfect for playing Memory, Fish or other card games. A fun & effective way to reinforce vocabulary. Each card set contains a different number of cards dependent on the theme.


Body - new!

42 cards in this set. 21 with image only and 21 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Body parts including - hair, head, finger, hand, wrist, arm, back, stomach, knee, ankle, toe, foot, leg, elbow, shoulder, neck, chin, mouth, nose, ear, eye. 

MM104NG Set$ 40.90 +GST

Bush Animals

Bush Animals

32 cards in this set. 16 with image only and 16 with text only. Text is in target language. Includes: platypus, lizard, crow, possum, emu, kangaroo, snake, eagle, goanna, koala, kookaburra, dingo, willy wagtail, echidna, cockatoo, magpie. 

MM153NG Set$ 31.10 +GST


Artwork sample only - actual product is in the target language.


22 Cards in this set. 11 with images only and 11 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Includes: white, yellow, green, orange, red, brown, gray, black, blue, pink, purple. 

MM112NG Set$ 21.40 +GST

Family, The

Family, The - new!

Mix 'n' Match Set of 28 cards. 14 cards with text only in target language and 14 cards with illustrations only (no text). Members of the immediate family -
grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, uncle, aunt, younger sister, younger brother, older sister, older brother, baby, cousin (male), cousin (female) and me! 

MM106NG Set$ 27.30 +GST

Teacher Says, The

Teacher Says, The - new!

28 cards (90x80mm) in this set. 14 with illustrations only and 20 with text only. The text is in your Target Language. The title "The Teacher Says" - Covers requests that a teacher may give in a classroom - Stand up, sit down, colour in, count, draw, point, look at, listen, open, close, read, write, glue, cut. 

MM142NG Set$ 27.30 +GST

Weather, The

Weather, The - new!

24 card set.
A series of weather conditions -
It's fine, It's foggy, It's hot, It's raining, It's stormy, It's snowing, It's cloudy, It's windy, It's cold, It's hailing, It's humid, It's sunny. 

MM105NG Set$ 23.40 +GST