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Our 2017 Catalogue is OUT NOW!

Check out our Interactive Products. Interactive Weather chart, Interactive Clock, Interactive Body Parts Chart, and just released Interactive Animals and Transport Charts. All Interactive products c more


New, larger sized sheets of 20x20cm in mixed pack of Red, Green and 1 side Christmas printed pattern. This pack comes with a 'how to' sheet to make an Origami Christmas Tree, Snow Flake, Crane and La more


Check out our range of resources for the Olympics. Theme Cards, Picture Cards, Word Cards, Bingo Game and Mix'n'Match Game Sets. Available in Available in Chinese, Pinyin, English, French, German, G more


These look fantastic and the mobiles hang 60cm long when put up! Scratch the black surface with the scratch tool in whatever shapes or design you want to reveal the multicolours underneath. This pack  more

Korean > Mix And Match Cards

Fantastic Laminated LOTE Card Sets! Each set is one theme and has a mix of cards - half the set are images only and half are text only (in your language of choice). The cards are durably laminated, each measuring 96 x 60mm. LOTE Mix and Match card sets are perfect for playing Memory, Fish or other card games. A fun & effective way to reinforce vocabulary. Each card set contains a different number of cards dependent on the theme.

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Actions - new!

40 cards in this set. 20 with images only and 20 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Includes: throw, catch, pull, push, pick up, put down, play, hop, jump, run, clap, dance, skip, sing, look for, find, kick, climb, fall, wait. 

MM146KO Set$ 36.40 +GST

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac - new!

24 card set. 1/2 with images only and 1/2 with text only. 12 Chinese Zodiacs - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog & Pig with text in language 

MM155KO Set$ 21.80 +GST


Circus - new!

34 cards in this set. 17 with images only and 17 with text only. Includes: clown, big top, balloons, trapeze, popcorn, ticket, caravan, ringmaster, lights, audience, costumes, animals, circus ring, band, acrobat, high wire and juggler. 

MM160KO Set$ 30.90 +GST

Cool Fun

Cool Fun - new!

36 Cards in this set. 18 with images only and 18 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Includes: Going to a birthday party, having a slumber party, going to a concert, listening to music, skateboarding, roller skating, ice skating, riding a scooter, surfing, bushwalking, camping, playing computer games, going to the park, going to the beach, going shopping, going to the movies, going to the pool, swimming. 

MM166KO Set$ 32.70 +GST


Artwork sample only - actual product is in the target language.


24 cards in this set. 12 with images only and 12 with text only. Text is in Target Language. 12 drinks - NEWLY REVISED TITLE
cordial, fruit juice, water, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, milkshake, apple juice, soft drink, orange juice, lemonade, milk. 

MM121KO Set$ 21.90 +GST

Earth Care

Earth Care - new!

38 cards in this set. 19 with image only and 19 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Includes: recycle, compost, use less water, plant trees, education, don't litter, worm farm, climate change, ozone layer, solar power, timed showers, no plastic bags, water wise garden, conserve electricity, re-use, protect environment, reduce pollution, help save out planet and care for our earth. 

MM165KO Set$ 34.50 +GST

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