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Interactive Colours 194, Unusual Pets 190, Bathroom 189, Bedroom 167 & Christmas 159 join our Interactive range for term 1 this year.
Some other new products & titles include: Jigsaw Singles , A new  more


LUCKY DIP MIXED PACKS available in all languages as a 10pk or 30pk - Badges Code: BD99, Keychains Code: KC99, Magnets Code: MG99 - See our 2018 Big Cat for details! more

Deskmat Update

Our DESKMAT SETS (DM1 and DM2) now come with complementary dice & counters! 15pk comes with 15 Dice & 30 Counters and 30pk comes with 30 dice and 60 Counters! more

New Interactives

2018 BRAND NEW INTERACTIVE TITLES added to our growing Interactive Product Range include: IC111 Numbers, IC138 Vegetables and IC139 Fruit. These Interactive sets (in your target language) include a bi more

Korean > Mix And Match Cards

Fantastic Laminated LOTE Card Sets! Each set is one theme and has a mix of cards - half the set are images only and half are text only (in your language of choice). The cards are durably laminated, each measuring 96 x 60mm. LOTE Mix and Match card sets are perfect for playing Memory, Fish or other card games. A fun & effective way to reinforce vocabulary. Each card set contains a different number of cards dependent on the theme.

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Actions - new!

40 cards in this set. 20 with images only and 20 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Includes: throw, catch, pull, push, pick up, put down, play, hop, jump, run, clap, dance, skip, sing, look for, find, kick, climb, fall, wait. 

MM146KO Set$ 38.90 +GST

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac - new!

24 card set. 1/2 with images only and 1/2 with text only. 12 Chinese Zodiacs - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog & Pig with text in language 

MM155KO Set$ 23.30 +GST


Circus - new!

34 cards in this set. 17 with images only and 17 with text only. Includes: clown, big top, balloons, trapeze, popcorn, ticket, caravan, ringmaster, lights, audience, costumes, animals, circus ring, band, acrobat, high wire and juggler. 

MM160KO Set$ 33.10 +GST

Cool Fun

Cool Fun - new!

36 Cards in this set. 18 with images only and 18 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Includes: Going to a birthday party, having a slumber party, going to a concert, listening to music, skateboarding, roller skating, ice skating, riding a scooter, surfing, bushwalking, camping, playing computer games, going to the park, going to the beach, going shopping, going to the movies, going to the pool, swimming. 

MM166KO Set$ 35.00 +GST


Artwork sample only - actual product is in the target language.


24 cards in this set. 12 with images only and 12 with text only. Text is in Target Language. 12 drinks - NEWLY REVISED TITLE
cordial, fruit juice, water, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, milkshake, apple juice, soft drink, orange juice, lemonade, milk. 

MM121KO Set$ 23.40 +GST

Earth Care

Earth Care - new!

38 cards in this set. 19 with image only and 19 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Includes: recycle, compost, use less water, plant trees, education, don't litter, worm farm, climate change, ozone layer, solar power, timed showers, no plastic bags, water wise garden, conserve electricity, re-use, protect environment, reduce pollution, help save out planet and care for our earth. 

MM165KO Set$ 36.90 +GST

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