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Our 2017 Catalogue is OUT NOW!

Check out our Interactive Products. Interactive Weather chart, Interactive Clock, Interactive Body Parts Chart, and just released Interactive Animals and Transport Charts. All Interactive products c more


New, larger sized sheets of 20x20cm in mixed pack of Red, Green and 1 side Christmas printed pattern. This pack comes with a 'how to' sheet to make an Origami Christmas Tree, Snow Flake, Crane and La more


Check out our range of resources for the Olympics. Theme Cards, Picture Cards, Word Cards, Bingo Game and Mix'n'Match Game Sets. Available in Available in Chinese, Pinyin, English, French, German, G more


These look fantastic and the mobiles hang 60cm long when put up! Scratch the black surface with the scratch tool in whatever shapes or design you want to reveal the multicolours underneath. This pack  more

Japanese Romaji > Charts

Full colour, laminated.
Single page featuring colourful images, based on a theme.
Available in A0, A1, A2 and A3 sizes.

 page 1  page 2  page 3  page 4  page 5  page 6  page 7  page 8  page 9  page 10  page 11  page 12  page 13  page 14  page 15  page 16

A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach - new!

Laminated chart with *illustrations and text in target language. 24 items usually found at the beach: seashell, sand, rocks, seaweed, coral, seagull, fish, dolphin, crab, starfish, waves, jellyfish, sandcastle, surfboard, rock pool, bathers, sunscreen, hat, boat, sunglasses, beach towel, beach umbrella, bucket and spade, beach ball. *Illustrations for this title are original water colours by Australian illustrator, Kerry Anne Jordinson 

CH175JR A3$ 13.00 +GST
CH175JR A2$ 24.00 +GST
CH175JR A1$ 59.00 +GST
CH175JR A0$ 89.00 +GST



Theme is of 20 common actions-
throw, catch, pull, push, pick up, put down, play, hop, jump, run, clap, dance, skip, sing, look for, find, kick, climb, fall, wait. 

CH146JR A2$ 24.00 +GST
CH146JR A1$ 59.00 +GST
CH146JR A0$ 89.00 +GST
CH146JR A3$ 13.00 +GST

Advanced Hiragana

Advanced Hiragana - new!

Includes 61 extra characters. Available in TWO text versions - (1) Hiragana (JP), (2) Hiragana with Romaji (JR). CH186JP has Hiragana text ONLY, CH186JR has HIRAGNA AND ROMAJI on the one chart. Available in 3 sizes - A2 (420x600mm), A1 (600x840mm)or our nice big A0 (840x1190mm). 

CH186JR A2$ 24.00 +GST
CH186JR A1$ 50.00 +GST
CH186JR A0$ 80.00 +GST

Advanced Katakana

Advanced Katakana - new!

Includes 61 extra characters. Available in TWO text versions - (1) Katakana only (JP), (2) Katakana with Romaji (JR). CH186JP has Katakana text ONLY, CH186JR has KATAKANA AND ROMAJI on the one chart. Available in 3 sizes - A2 (420x600mm), A1 (600x840mm)or our nice big A0 (840x1190mm). 

CH187JR A0$ 80.00 +GST
CH187JR A1$ 50.00 +GST
CH187JR A2$ 24.00 +GST

Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds

Sounds made by common animals in your language -
Bees buzz, Birds chirp, Cats mew, Cows low, Dogs Bark, Donkeys bray, Ducks quack, Frogs croak, Hens cackle, Horses neigh, Mice squeak, Owls hoot, Pigs grunt, Roosters crow, Sheep bleat, Snakes hiss. 

CH151JR A0$ 89.00 +GST
CH151JR A1$ 59.00 +GST
CH151JR A2$ 24.00 +GST
CH151JR A3$ 13.00 +GST



Well known animals -
leopard, rhinoceros, deer, tiger, wolf, monkey, elephant, giraffe, kangaroo, penguin, camel, whale, lion, snake, bear, crocodile, hippopotamus, turtle. 

CH123JR A0$ 89.00 +GST
CH123JR A1$ 59.00 +GST
CH123JR A2$ 24.00 +GST
CH123JR A3$ 13.00 +GST

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