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German > Reward Stickers

Reward your students instantly for their efforts.
Packets contain 96 stickers, comprising 4 designs.
1 language per packet.

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Birthday Stickers 2

Birthday Stickers 2

"Happy Birthday" in your language with a balloon graphic. 

BS2GM Pkt$ 7.60 +GST

Birthday Stickers 3

Birthday Stickers 3

"Happy Birthday" in your language with a cake graphic. 

BS3GM Pkt$ 7.60 +GST

Birthday Stickers 4

Birthday Stickers 4 - new!

Birthday stickers with 4 different birthday designs, with text "Happy Birthday!" or "It's my birthday!" in target language. 96 stickers per pack. 

BS4GM Pkt$ 7.60 +GST

Birthday Stickers 5

Birthday Stickers 5 - new!

Birthday stickers with text "It's my birthday!" in target language. 96 stickers per pack. 

BS5GM Pkt$ 7.60 +GST

Custom Stickers

Custom Stickers

We can design, print and supply Custom Designed stickers! All you need to do is phone or email us and supply some details of what text, colours and images you'd like! (COPYRIGHT NOTIFICATION: LTA Education retains full COPYRIGHT of any artworks (irrespective of text and/or ideas provided by others) and as the artist/publisher, retains full copyright for any future sales using these designs). 

RSCUST Pkt$ 7.60 +GST

Reward Stickers 1

Reward Stickers 1

Simple colourful designs. Our most popular stickers. 

RS1GM Pkt$ 7.60 +GST

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