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Fantastic Laminated LOTE Card Sets! Each set is one theme and has a mix of cards - half the set are images only and half are text only (in your language of choice). The cards are durably laminated, each measuring 96 x 60mm. LOTE Mix and Match card sets are perfect for playing Memory, Fish or other card games. A fun & effective way to reinforce vocabulary. Each card set contains a different number of cards dependent on the theme.

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Lunch - new!

Set of 32 little Laminated cards 90x65mm of 16 popular lunch items. 1/2 the set has illustrations only and 1/2 has text only (text in target language) - Sandwich, salad roll, hamburger, hotdog, rice, noodles, crackers, sushi, fruit, juice, ice cream, cake, salad, soup, pie and cheese. 

MM163FR Set$ 31.10 +GST

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments - new!

40 cards in this set. 20 with illustrations only and 20 with text only. Text is in the target language. Includes: violin, cello, double bass, guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, recorder, trumpet, trombone, tuba, saxophone, piano, keyboard, drums, percussion, triangle, tambourine, xylophone. 

MM171FR Set$ 38.90 +GST

My Backyard

My Backyard

40 cards in this set. 20 with images only and 20 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Includes: clothes line, barbecue, outdoor furniture, shed, basketball hoop, bike, cubby house, swing, trampoline, sandpit, swimming pool, fish pond, vegetable garden, fence, patio, hose, weed, tree, garden, lawn. 

MM170FR Set$ 38.90 +GST

My Bedroom

My Bedroom

40 cards in this set. 20 with images only and 20 with text only. Text is in Target Language. Includes: bed, pillow, blanket, lamp, bedside table, wardrobe, drawers, bookshelf, chair, desk, shelves, door, window, mirror, rug, fan, toys, books, posters & clothes. 

MM167FR Set$ 38.90 +GST

My Day

My Day - new!

24 cards in this set. 12 with illustrations only and 12 with text only. Text is in target language. Includes: I wake up, I get dressed, I have breakfast, I go to school, I do my work, I have lunch, I go home, I do my homework, I have dinner, I have a bath, I watch T.V., I go to bed. 

MM130FR Set$ 23.30 +GST


Nationalities - new!

38 cards in this set. 19 with illustrations only and 19 with text only. Text is in target language. Includes: African, American, Australian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Mexican, New Zealander, Scottish, Spanish, Vietnamese. 

MM115FR Set$ 36.90 +GST

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Christmas Door Chart AVAILABLE NOW!

LTA's Graphics Wizz/Illustrator, Bethany, has just finished the artwork on the first of our lovely Christmas Posters. Printed & Laminated @ LTA Education in Perth (when you order it!) this lovely, br more

INTERACTIVE Hiragana & Katakana Chart Sets

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Interactive Colours 194, Unusual Pets 190, Bathroom 189, Bedroom 167 & Christmas 159 join our Interactive range for term 1 this year.
Some other new products & titles include: Jigsaw Singles , A new  more


LUCKY DIP MIXED PACKS available in all languages as a 10pk or 30pk - Badges Code: BD99, Keychains Code: KC99, Magnets Code: MG99 - See our 2018 Big Cat for details! more