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Colourful, laminated images in a theme of your choice. Contain NO text.
Available in A4 and A5 formats.
Card numbers vary from set to set.

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Vegetables of Japan

Vegetables of Japan - new!

Vegetables of Japan - This title has 24 typical vegetables used in Japan. 24 Card set. Each card has 1 illustration (NO TEXT!)Cabbage, Japanese mustard spinach greens, Giant white radish (daikon), Turnip, Burdock root, Taro root, Yam, Lotus root, Bamboo shoot, Carrot, Eggplant (aubergine), Bitter melon, Cucumber, Wasabi, Perilla leaf (shiso), Edamame (soybean pod), Maitake, Shiitake, Enoki, Ginger, Bean sprout (Mung bean sprout), Soybeans, Asuki bean (red beans)& Wakame. 

PC183 A4 set$ 65.40 +GST
PC183 A5 set$ 54.90 +GST

Weather, The

Weather, The

A series of weather conditions -
It's fine, It's foggy, It's hot, It's raining, It's stormy, It's snowing, It's cloudy, It's windy, It's cold, It's hailing, It's humid, It's sunny. 

PC105 A4 set$ 32.70 +GST
PC105 A5 set$ 27.50 +GST

What I like to do

What I like to do

Shows a series of pastimes -
Bike riding, read, play soccer, draw, watch tv, play with friends, play computer games, go shopping, horseride, swim, play tennis, play cricket, dance, cook, sleep, rollerskate, sing, play basketball, fish, listen to music. 

PC110 A4 set$ 54.60 +GST
PC110 A5 set$ 45.80 +GST

What's he/she like?

What's he/she like?

Displays a selection of discriptions -
He is intellegent, she is nice, she is shy, he is ugly, she is cute, he is lazy, he is naughty, he is handsome, he is funny, he is silly, she is beautiful, he is helpful, he is fat, she is thin, he is stupid, he is brave. 

PC136 A4 set$ 43.70 +GST
PC136 A5 set$ 36.60 +GST

What's the matter?

What's the matter?

A series of common ailments -
I need to go to the sickroom, I don't feel very well, I've had an xray, I've had a needle, I've cut my finger, I've broken my leg, I'm going to be sick!, I've got a temperature, I've got a cold, my arm is broken, I've got a headache, my nose is bleeding, I've bruised my knee, I've got a toothache, I've got an earache, Can I have a bandaid?, I've got something in my eye, I need my medicine, I need my tablets, I've got a stomach ache, I feel better. 

PC135 A4 set$ 57.20 +GST
PC135 A5 set$ 48.00 +GST

When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up - new!

Set of 23 laminated cards with ILLUSTRATIONS ONLY. Set includes: an actor, a surgeon, a fire fighter, a fashion designer, a plumber, an electrician, a police officer, an archaeologist, a forest ranger, an astronaut, an engineer, a veterinarian, an artist, a ballerina, a teacher, a mechanic, a business owner, a sportsman/ sportswoman, a beautician, a model, a rock star, a fitness instructor, a truck driver. 

PC174 A4 set$ 62.80 +GST
PC174 A5 set$ 53.00 +GST

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